Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahau Dee's Awards : )

I keep telling myself to update this blog at least once a week but by the time I get around to doing it, it has been long overdue. Therefore, now I am forcing myself to write something and to update what’s been happening in my life recently.

There are two reasons why this blog has been so quiet. Firstly, there’s been nothing exciting to talk about and secondly I have been very busy with my work. Since a few weeks ago and from now onwards, I will be preparing and conducting lots of training courses.

During the current economic climate, when companies often have to say ‘NO’ to external training, the internal facilitator / trainer like me will be very busy. Suddenly, I have to be a master of all trades and to fulfil each request from the managers to provide training for their staff. I can’t really complain, I guess it’s better than being unemployed… : )

Other than time management and customer service, a few other (some of them new) topics will be on my list such as Sales Training, Leadership Training, Presentation Skills, Recruitment and Selection and a few more. How’s exciting… :-)

Anyway, to bring colour to this posting, these are the photos that I took at Milford Beach / Park, North Shore last month.

Oh ya! My blog has received two awards recently … ha ha ha. Even though I have been blogging for a year now, I am still ‘new' when it comes to things such as ‘award’ or ‘tag’, etc. Anyway, I am so pleased to have received the award and would like to thank Jean and Ieda for choosing my blog.

So, what I have to do next is to give these awards to other bloggers. Huh! That would be a tough job as I wish to give it to all my blogger friends (you can see their names on the side bar of my blog). It is very difficult to choose 3 or 7 from the list because I like to visit all the blogs.

Yes! Let me break the rules and give it to all of them…. Ha ha ha. As they say, rules are meant to be broken … ha ha ha.

Anyway, I will have more updates later concerning the training courses that I will present. Hopefully, I haven’t bored you. :-)

Have a good day everyone.


la Signora said...

Ewah ewah, jenguk² blog dia dah ader award lak.I think the most awarding thing is the chance to have you as a friend (walaupun tak pernah bersua-muka, ye tak?).

p/s ini bukan taktik mintak award, harap maklom :P

Wiz said...

Hi Dee, I simply love the New Zealand sky, blue of a different degree. Wouldn't you just love to lie down on the grass, look up only to see endless splashes of blue with streaks of white.

I once did that...on a cold beach in New Zealand. Best.

Hope you are the 50oooth too, tak yah bagi present best2 sgt ha ha ha

Zuraida jemain said...

He he he very though ha...

Now i have a new tag for u to do.. please fin d16 people for u to be tag.. kurang pun takpe..

Jom layan... just follow the rules in my blog...

* If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you..!

Rush Murad said...

Bored??? Not all all mate.... :D

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Lisa,

Betul tu, sebab tu lah I suka blogging ni sebab boleh tambah kawan ... eh! mana tahu nanti I pergi Oz, boleh singgah tempat you & boleh ler kita bersua muka ... ha ha ha.

Pasal award tu, memang nak kena bagi award kat blogger lain. My ex-boss dah sound sebab I stop the award kat sini ... ha ha ha

Ahau - Dee said...

Betul tu Wiz. I ada banyak collection gambar New Zealand sky ni and rainbow too.

Eh! Kalau I menang mesti dapat hadiah yang best lah ... mana aci ... ha ha ha

Ahau - Dee said...

Alahai Ieda, kenapa lah tag sekarang ... teramat sibuk la ni ... apa pun, thanks.

Nanti saya cuba jawab okay.

Ahau - Dee said...

Thanks Shidy : )

I pun tak pernah bosan dengan Tepak Sireh.

Jumpa di Auckland nanti ya .