Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Anniversary ...

28 March 2009 marked my first anniversary in New Zealand and today (1 April 2009) is my first anniversary working at SDMG (NZ) Ltd. It has been a wonderful year, one which has had a great impact on my career and personal life. What else can I say except thanks to the Almighty God for this great opportunity and for all the blessings in my life. Alhamdulillah!

It may not be a great deal for some people but for a ‘Kampung Boy’ like me, who used to earn RM8 for an eight-hour job, it has truly been a once in a lifetime opportunity. For a person who is always struggling with his English, working with people for whom English is their first language has certainly forced myself to step out of my comfort zone. Even writing this posting is a struggle for me.

I still remember what it was like when I was offered this secondment. I felt uncertain, excited, sad and happy and a host of other feelings especially when I started to realise that I would be missing my home, my family, my friends and my country. Many people don’t realise it, but deep down, I am a shy, introverted person and I have self-esteem/confidence issues too - believe it or not? He he he. And this secondment would force me to face my deepest fears.

Somehow, I always seem to have a way of overcoming my weaknesses. Perhaps it is just my luck. But I really think it is because I am blessed to have great friends around me no matter where I am. They are always ready to help when I need them the most. Thanks very much guys and girls (or as the Kiwi and Aussies would say, “Thanks, mate!”).

By the way, the world’s first global election between Mother Earth and Global Warming was held last Saturday. People voted for Mother Earth by not producing any green house gases for one hour (except for the natural ones … he he he) – no electricity, etc. How interesting was that!

Of course, I voted for Mother Earth. I was with my buddy Henry, helping him pack his belongings in the dark … LOL. Henry is selling his house with the beautiful sea view and is keeping his stuff in storage until he decides what to do next.

Soon ‘Kembara Ahau Dee’ is going to celebrate its first anniversary too (24 April 2009)! For those who keep visiting my blog, thank you very much. May our ‘cyber-friendship’ last forever (or at least for as long as this blog exists … he he he)

Happy Anniversary to Ahau Dee!

Ahau Dee with Chrissy(centre) and her friend. The photo was taken almost a year ago. Can you see the extra 20 kg being cover up by his jacket?

Ahau Dee with Managers from NSMG after he facilitated the E-Learning Group Session recently and of course, he is more confident about showing his minus 20kg figure … ha ha ha! Don’t be too self-satisfied Ahau Dee… still more to lose.

PS: To mark the upcoming 1st anniversary of this blog, Ahau Dee will write more in English, as he would like his Kiwi friends to read this blog as well. To Mas, Enida and Wiz please do not hesitate to correct my English if you spot any typos or grammatical errors. Of course I can’t write as well as you can. After all, I am just a simple ‘Kampung Boy’ at heart… ha ha ha.



Wiz said...

Looking good Dee, looking good.

Dee, I am the type of teacher who would not point out the students mistakes but more of one who encourages the student to write continuously regardless.

AS long as it doesn't impede meaning sudah. But if it does.....I would just have to let the Samoa ladies celebrate you with you doing the world peace wave ha ha ha ha.

Happy Anniversary Dee!

Ahau - Dee said...


Bukankah che'gu tugasnya memperbetulkan kesalahan anak muridnya ... seperti pantun lama

Buah cempedak di luar pagar
Ambil galah tolong jolokkan
Saya budak baru belajar
Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan

Eh! Lama bebenor tak berpantun. Dulu masa sekolah, Ahau Dee ni wakil sekolah untuk Pesta Pantun tau. Ha ha ha

Anyway, thanks Wiz.

p/s : Today Boss belanja makan di Billy Cafe kat Mt.Eden, disebabkan menu halal terhad maka I order Sardines Toast. 3 keping roti, dia letak sardin dalam tin with oil yang kecil & leper tu, butter sikit & lemon .... $18.50 ... huh!Mahal betul.

Wiz said...

Dee ada bermacam2 cara nak mengajar ni, I adopt the silent method.

18NZ for sardine and roti? mesti pekerja2 kat situ tergelak kat dalam kitchen tu bila buat dish you or maybe sardine to depa rear sniri di dalam filtered organic water yang telah dicampurkan dgn multivitamin vitamin dan sesiapa yang memakannya akan jadi lebih kurus and lebih sihat bertenaga...... kut.

Rush Murad said...

Happy anniversary!!!! Keep up the good works...

p/s: can't wait to meet u in Auckland... counting days... :D

Anonymous said...

Dee, I, too, was the Pemantun Paling Terrer bagi Daerah Temerloh dan yang sama waktu dengannya! Masa tu rasa begitu ayu-ayu Melayu gitu. My school siap bawak tepak sirih lagi pegi berpantun, cik main!

Can I sell you a pantun, Dee?
Here goes:

Darilah rawan baik bersantun,
Santun silam bertanjak keris,
Marilah kawan kita berpantun,
Berpantun dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

Heeeeeeeehhh! Jawab, jangan tak jawab! Hah, masuk...masuk, Cik Abang, masuk. Sila!

Jean said...

Hei..happy anniversary and I can see great improvement in your Engrish...hahaha... No kampung boy but "international boy" - la! Cheers

Ahau - Dee said...


Takutlah dapat che'gu macam you. Huh! Never underestimate the power of silence tau.

Cakap pasal sardine tu, the cost tak sampai $4 pun. Kalau sedap tak per lah .. dahlah tu, served dalam tin pulak tu. Silap tak ambil gambar.

Ahau - Dee said...

Thanks Shidy : )

Kita jumpa nanti di Auckland. Pastikan re-union kali ni paling gempak! paling panaz & paling giler ... ha ha ha

Btw, Auckland kan bebas segala ... he he he

Ahau - Dee said...


My pantun skills dah berkarat daa. Anyway, since cik puan dah menjual, kenalah membeli. Betul tak?

Ni dia balasan hamba : )

Keris dikagumi pelancung inggeris
Tinggi mutunya semuapun tahu
Susahnya berpantun bahasa inggeris
‘I love you’ saja yang kutahu

Apa macam? Boleh lah yer ... ha ha ha

Ahau - Dee said...

Thanks Jean : )

International Boy? Still a long way to go.

I wish English is simple macam your recipe ... ha ha ha

Superstar said...


was told by zuraida to visit your blog. well done! i think your english is even better than mine.. haha.. will keep visiting your blog.. and oh! happy anniversary =)

Zuraida jemain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ahau - Dee said...

Hi 'Superstar' : )

Thank you for visiting my blog. Wow! Jangan main-main, superstar lagi ... he he he. No worries pasal English ... hentam sajer ... ha ha ha. Perhaps someone will help us & correct our mistakes. Anyway, nothing wrong with your English pun.

Oh ya, you have a nice blog too & I will 'singgah selalu'.

Salam Cyber : )

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Ieda,

Thank you for promoting my blog ... buat ler selalu ... ha ha ha.

Cerita zaman sekolah? He he he ... banyak dah tak ingat dah. Anyway, I ada cerita kisah zaman kerja dulu dulu. Singgahlah ke posting 'My Journey'series ... adalah sikit-sikit cerita zaman muda.

And let me know your comment okay.

Zuraida jemain said...
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