Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Last Minute King !!!

Since the last posting, I have been very busy working on a 'four week assignment' in less than a week. Why?

Simply because of my ever-lasting problem, an old habit that is really hard to break - doing things at the last minute. Perhaps my ex-boss, Jean Ooi could verify that statement and then I would be 'proud' to declare myself the 'Last Minute King' ... LOL.

Obviously, I have never learnt my lesson and as usual, this time I was lucky again. Thank God. Despite the adrenaline pumping through my body, a sleepless night, a worrying mind, a near nervous breakdown and panic etc., I managed to overcome the obstacles and make it happen.

Huh! What a relief, the first hurdle was over and everything went well even though I was not really happy with the quality. Another typical 'me' who is never satisfied with my performance.

I just completed two training sessions, Customer Service Excellence and Time Management. Oops! Please don't laugh !!! Generally, everyone was happy with the programme and looking forward for the second session next week.

Here are my photos with the participants :-

Customer Service Excellence : Peter, James, Dominic, Warwrick and Graham

Time Management : Grant McKain, Travis, Heather, Warwrick and Jason.

Anyway, because of the last minute rush, I have to sacrifice the upcoming long weekend. There are two public holidays in NZ this week - Good Friday & Easter Monday. I was supposed to have a short trip somewhere Downunder but it looks like I will have to forget about it.

So many things to catch up on, otherwise next week will be a nightmare for me again. Huh! So sad but my work should come first and so sorry guys, no more 'Jalan-Jalan Ahau Dee' for the time being : (

Have a great weekend everyone & Hapy Easter : )

Note : Below is the email that I've just received from the General Manager. Alhamdulillah !!!

Zahidi Hi

A simple note of sincere thanks and congratulations re your time Management Seminar.

I have had very positive feedback regarding this already and again our sincere thanks

Kindest Regards

John Mackinlay

North Shore Motor Group

Ahau - Dee


Wiz said...

Hail To The King!

Kan I dah cakap, you ni memang ada rupa seorang King pun. Lepas ni kang baik2 nanti dtg wanita2 Samoa untuk bwk you pergi Annual dinner derang where they celebrate you before they make you as a sacrifice mwahahahaha.

Eh, if you are the 50000th, I will mail the gifts to you la, don't worry.

Jean said...

Hahaha...guess I am not right seems your "last minute" syndrome -looking at the +ve side is your strength..cos' dats where your inspirations flows in and produces good end results. Voila, well done again! Tengok la mat salleh punya comments...hehehehe

Jean said...

I have an AWARD for you, please check it out at my blog @


Zuraida jemain said...

Yes from me too..award for you..king of the king kong..oppss..kingdom...

sori..lambat tinggal mesej busy dengan my sleeping beauty... he he he

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Wiz,

Do you know that I am so bersemangat to be the winner ... I keep reminding myself each time I visit your blog and to check whether am I the 50000th visitors ... ha ha ha.

Yes! Ahau Dee Boleh !!!

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the award :)

Anyway, now I sudah bertaubat ... don't want to do last minutes things anymore ... boleh sakit jantung lorr ... ha ha ha

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Ieda,

Thanks ya : )

Jangan banyak tidur sangat nanti sembab muka kang ... ha ha ha