Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Small Success !

Finally I've achieved the 2nd phase target ...
to reduce my weight below 90kg by 1st July 2008.
As at today (1st July), berat badan aku ialah 89kg.
YES !!!
So far I've lost 18kg in 3 months !
Huh! (sambil membuang peluh di dahi)
Hooray !!! I did it again !!!

Reward myself... enjoying my meal at Kintamani, Bali.. He he (I wish)

Latest photo (1 Jul)... still tembam lagi! Any tips???
Now is the 3rd Phase ... which will be tougher and challenging
but I know I can achieve it ... my next target is ...
to reduce another 5kg by 1st August 2008 i.e. below 85kg.

Friends, wish me all the best ya! And I will keep you informed !

Ahau - Dee

p/s : Once I've achieved the next target, I will share with you the secret ... tunggu !


Anonymous said...

Sorry lama x jenguk ur blog...ni baru sempat!

Congratulations Zahidi!

Proud of u!....

Remember dulu kita challenge each other to reduce our weight??? Heheh...remember?

However....i pun ada lah reduce skit...but not like u got target one! Heehe....tu kira dashyat tu....cayalah!

Anyway....keep up the good work!


Ahau - Dee said...

Thanks Ad : )

Tentulah ingat ... you pun ada bagi I product Herbal Life tuh tapi it doesn't work for me.

I dah bosan jadi tembam nih ... tu yang bersemangat giler skrg ni.

And thank you sebab still singgah. Very much appreciated !


enny said...

owh my...*sambil mulut ternganga*..
u dah kuwus belaka...
sory today i singgah this blog bersama2 cha and zarina...kusyuk gila dorg read ur blogs...

friends..give a big clap for our so called as "babysitter for PNB trainee" for the successful mission not imposibble...hehe~

wizcakes said...

Dee, I'm happy for you, and looking good too. Keep it going Dee. Nanti you boleh mkn kek I byk2 without any guilt k. I will talk to you regarding blogspot k. Tgh bergelumang buat kek ni, habis tenaga2 jantan sumer kluar, he he he.

I wish I could feel on top of the world like you now. Yesterday's event had me flat on my face.

click on my name to find out.

Ahau - Dee said...

Thanks Enny : ) Nak challenge dengan you nih! Huh! Penat nak mampuss !!!

Welcome Zarina & Aishah to my blog ... singahlah selalu ya.

Thanks to you too Wiz : )

No worries. Take your time.It's not urgent.

I've seen your work. It looks perfect! Apa yang tak kena? Please make sure your customer didn't take advantage on your good customer service.I think you should give the discount instead of return the money.

Anyway,I believe you will overcome it.(if truly there is a mistake)

Yes. You can!

wizcakes said...

I wonder too Dee. Been looking at the cakes for hours to search for unforgivable flaws. Maybe the template writing tu. I bought the whole wilton set just to custom made the message. The tempat nak melekatkan benda allah tu was a bit faulty hence a little bit terkena each other. Maybe that kut. It saddens me coz I worked hard for them Dee, putting long nights meticulously pasting all those small tiny flowers on the fondant ball tu. I am still sore after the job.

But it's ok. I guess you can never please evrybody. Redha.

Ahau - Dee said...


Sorry to hear that & bercakap pasal customer satisfaction ni memang susah ... as you said, you can't please everybody.

I believe you will recover soon.

but I still think you should just give a discount.

in future : )

Anonymous said...

Whoa Dee, you almost look like the days when we were in SMK remember? If your friends could pat you on the back sure dah sore dah hehe. Good job is an understatement to your victory.

You need a new wardrobe! And this time you can shop dengan bangga dan gumbira nya, i bet.

Ahau - Dee said...

Hi Mas : )

SMK? Sekarang ni handsome lagi kut! He he he

Memang nak kena beli wardrobe baru tapi kena tunggu sampai turun below 80kg ... kalau tak rugi.

Nak turun satu hal, nak maintain ni lagi teruk. Auckland pulak hujan memanjang & my 'walking' dah terbantut dan bila duduk rumah + sejuk, mulalah mulut ni nak mengunyah jer. Kena sentiasa kuatkan iman ... he he he